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Recognize and Report a Natural Gas Leak


The following information will help you detect a natural gas leak. Always remember to be safe. If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to give us a call.


Leaks may be detected by noticing any of the following:

1) Smelling gas (odorant) near a meter or pipeline, sometimes after excavation work
2) A hissing or roaring sound caused by escaping gas
3) Dead vegetation in an otherwise green environment near a gas line
4) Blowing dirt, grass or leaves
5) Steady bubbling in a wet, flooded areas or other water environment
6) A fire in or near an appliance or gas pipe


Call 24-Hours a Day 423-626-4282 for Emergency Service


In the event of a detected gas leak, the following safety procedures should be followed:

1) DO NOT try to locate the problem yourself
2) DO NOT turn on or off any light or fan switches
3) DO NOT operate anything electrical: switches, phones, radios, doorbells, etc.
4) DO NOT operate any vehicle or motor of any kind in or near the building
5) DO NOT light a match or use a cigarette lighter or anything that produces a spark or
other source of ignition
6) Evacuate yourself and others from the building or area immediately
7) From a safe distance from the leak call Claiborne Utilities District or 911




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