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Claiborne Utilities District earned a perfect score of 599 points out of a possible 599 for a score of 100% from the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC).

            The perfect score is based on a two-year survey and a site survey by the Division of Water Resources on August 14, 2018. “I’m extremely proud of our employees who daily perform at the highest level in order to achieve this perfect score,” said George Coots, General Manager of Claiborne Utilities District. “Performing at such a high level would not be possible without our employees at all levels working together as a cohesive team, focusing on service excellence and employing the best practices to ensure the maximum observable standard in water management.”

               During the site sanitation survey, Claiborne Utilities District’s equipment, operation, and maintenance facilities were thoroughly examined. The survey includes plant performance, maintenance and upkeep, record keeping, analysis, treatment techniques and requirements, and other quality issues from water production to the distribution to customers and overall management needed to continually provide safe drinking water.

               Water surveys are conducted every two years. At the time of the survey, Claiborne Utilities District had 6,461 connections. Claiborne Utilities District’s water distribution is made up of approximately 500 miles of water line and services an area of 40 square miles. Claiborne Utilities District’s water treatment plant pulls from Norris Lake and treats anywhere from 1.5 to 1.8 million gallons per day. For more information on water, waste water, or natural gas services, call 423-626-4282. 

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